5 Tips For Facebook Pay Per Click Campaigns

July 1, 2018 Michael Lopez 0

Many entrepreneurs are desperate for Facebook advertising. Social media expert Sandra Holze gives tips on what you need to know before switching ads in order to achieve good results with little money.

For some entrepreneurs, Facebook advertising seems to be a panacea. Others give up after some time resigned. Then it says: “That’s way too expensive.” Or: “That does not work at all.” So what makes some better than the others? The Answer: You understand how Facebook ads work and follow these ten rules.

Check that Facebook advertising is the right way for your business.

Not for every business model are Facebook ads useful. “As a regional baker, for example, I would not invest in Facebook,” advises online marketing expert Sandra Holze. “Then I’d better optimize my website for search engines – in such a way that I land at the top, when people at Google, for example, enter wedding cake Magdeburg.”

Many regional stores are taking over Facebook. “Since the entrepreneurs are often already overloaded, because they do everything alone. They go with the attitude: ‘Then I’ll switch ads on Facebook.’ “But that’s not how Facebook works.

If you want to be successful on Facebook, you have to be aware that this requires a lot of work. It was not enough to do a few ads. So that potential customers follow one on Facebook, one must offer attractive content, constantly posting beautiful or interesting photos, giving tips, making exciting offers. “As a cafĂ© that would mean that I’m not just writing, ‘Sunday is brunch’. I have to share something every day or create events for events, “says Holze. “This is a continuous work. Many underestimate that. ”

And last but not the least, always read Facebook advertising policy before you decide to launch your first Ad.

Do not advertise on Facebook ads.

“For me, Facebook is not a platform to promote products in ads,” says Facebook professional Sandra Holze. “Why not? You have to think: how are people on Facebook? They want to have fun, watch videos, see what their friends are doing on vacation, what they eat. My experience is that pure product ads are not working. ”

What can one then show ads for? For lead generation, says Holze: so in order to gain the contact information of potential customers. “An online shop can, for example, via a Facebook ad attract customers to a page where they can sign up for a newsletter.” In order to do so, however, one must make the Facebook user a real offer, such as that in the first order X percent discount gets or exclusive information.

Why is it so important to collect e-mail addresses from target customers? “For online shop owners, coaches or service providers, selling is still the best way to do email marketing,” says Holze. This is also shown by studies (for example, here and here – in English).

E-mail marketing also has a distinct advantage: it is up to you to decide when and how to target your target customers, while ads on Google or Facebook rely on algorithms that change frequently.

“That’s why it makes the most sense for me to use Facebook to build an e-mail distribution list – instead of advertising products directly,” says Holze.

Set the correct audience in the Facebook Ad Manager.

“The biggest mistake is that companies do not know their target group,” says Sandra Holze. “And that’s really a serious mistake.”

The problem with an inaccurate audience description: The ad is also played to a lot of people for whom the content is not interesting at all. For example, if you’re running an ad that’s designed to win leads but plays them to the wrong people, you’ll end up paying a lot of money for a new lead.

As it is possible on Facebook to tailor the target group accurately, read our guide “Target groups on Facebook advertising”.

Play your advertising on warm contacts.

Facebook ads have a much greater impact when played on people who have been in contact with you before.

Warm contacts are for example:

  • People who like the Facebook page of the company as “Like”
  • Users who have been on the company site before

Use the Facebook pixel.

How do you find out if someone has been to your website before? This is where the Facebook pixel helps: a piece of code that can be created in the Facebook Ad Manager (how to create the Facebook pixel, read here).

“This code can be installed on its website,” explains online marketing expert Sandra Holze. “He then registers the visitors who were on my website. In the next step, I can then play ads on Facebook, which are only shown to people who have visited my site in the last 90 days.

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4 Tips For Your Successful Online Marketing Campaigns

June 10, 2018 Michael Lopez 0

Online advertising has been included in the marketing mix and is a part of marketers planning a campaign. Whether your banners or buttons are well perceived and also clicked on the Internet depends to a large extent on the design of the advertising material. Here are a few valuable tips:

Which advantages marketers online advertising offers, you can already read with us. For example, it is relatively cheap to implement quickly and creates a long range. However, the benefits can only be exploited if advertising on the net is well-designed and meaningful.

First, there are very basic elements to keep ready:

The logo

Components of the corporate design, e.g. House colors and house fonts
the key message of your advertising
appealing and fitting picture material
Logo and corporate design
Of course, the logo is essential for your advertising. It should be included unchanged, i. without tinkering with other elements or using other colors. The logo serves the attention and recognition. It shows the user who comes by, which company or product it is and immediately gives it a helpful classification. So use it as your customers know it.

The use of the elements of the corporate design is also essential for the recognition and uniformity of your advertising. Especially with cross-media campaigns, you generate a strong, cross-over the various advertising media attention. The focus here is the commonly used font and the fixed house color. Used stringently, these elements already subconsciously generate a brand assignment at the customer. Just think of the magenta red of a major telecommunications provider …

Tip: If you book a wallpaper as an online advertising material, then it is possible to expand the advertising space and also to color the background. That You can also have the area that the website rotates displayed in your house color or the background color of your advertising material. This embeds the ad, does not appear as a foreign object on the edge of the homepage, and generates additional attention.

Statement and photo

Special care should be taken to the core message of your advertisement. Users often surf past your banner or button, capturing content for just a few seconds. So the statement has to be conveyed here short and crisp, make you curious and encourage you to click. You should limit yourself to one or at most two statements.

Do not waste the limited attention and not the limited space with unnecessary information such as an address or phone number. This content finds the user when he arrives via the banner on the landing page, so your website. Here he surfs in peace and is ready to record just such information. Even a request like “click here” is no longer necessary today and wastes only valuable space.

An attractive photo will enrich your ad and increase user awareness. Nevertheless, there are a few things to keep in mind:

The image should have a clear imagery and let you know immediately what it is about. If there is a gap between text and image in the head, because no direct connection can be assigned, the user will not immediately understand the advertisement and will not continue to deal with it.

Less is more: Images must be compressed to produce small file sizes. Therefore, make sure that a photo is not too small.
Products that appear on the ad should also be on the landing page. If this is not the case, this leads to the frustration of the user.
And of course, as always, you should hedge the use of images: Can the photo be used for advertising and do I have these rights of use? You can read about image rights here.


Advertising material is often produced as an animated banner. In this case, it is a combination of frames in a GIF file, played in sequence. The movement can generate more attention for the user. In addition, of course, more information can be accommodated if there are multiple surfaces.

But do not pack too much information into your ad, because the user should not be overwhelmed. So that the eye can grasp everything at all, the individual pictures, so-called frames, must not change too fast.

The landing page

When the goal is reached and the user clicks on your ad, it is very important that the page on which he lands also reflects what interests him. As already mentioned, e.g. Products that are shown on the banner or button may be pictured here with additional information. The advertising material must therefore be directly linked to the corresponding sub-page, so that the user is spared long distances and many clicks.

If the online advertising is an image ad, the landing page can of course be the homepage of your website.

Keep in mind that many people surf the web on mobile devices like smartphones. Therefore, check that all content is well displayed on these devices and that everything can be found. Tips on how to optimize your website exactly for this, you can read in our article on Responsive Web Design.

It is also helpful if you make sure that you can count the visitors of your website via an analysis tool before placing the online advertisement. It is also interesting to find out where the users came from. So you can easily create a first evaluation that shows how successful your online advertising has been.…